How to Assess the Risk of Erectile Dysfunction That Comes With Age

Sex ComedyAt one time or another, almost every man has an occasional episode of erectile dysfunction. Being unable to perform sexually on cue doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s anything particularly wrong with you; on the contrary, it’s only when problems with achieving and maintaining an erection becomes persistent that you should consider yourself outside the bounds of normal male sexual health. Since there are so many different factors that affect a man’s interest in having sex with their partner from time to time, it would be unwise to classify yourself as ill with sexual dysfunction when all you might require is the occasional dose of generic Viagra in order to have sex when you’d like to.

While it’s perfectly normal for men to reach for the sildenafil occasionally in order to enjoy sex on their own terms, there are certain markers of health problems that can manifest themselves at least partly in a decrease in the ability to perform sexually. Men should always be on the lookout for symptoms of underlying health problems that diminish your ability to have normal sexual relations so that they can address the root cause of their problems as well as the day-to-day manifestations.

The risk of erectile dysfunction increases with age, but it’s not nearly as prevalent as people think it is. For men in their forties, about 15 percent report having a moderate problem with achieving or holding an erection. Among men over the age of 70, the incidence increases to about 30 percent. Knowing these percentages can help reduce anxiety among men over simply getting older, and access to inexpensive generic Viagra is generally all that the average person needs to overcome performance anxiety from time to time.

Only about five percent of men in their forties report severe erectile dysfunction, with about 15 percent of men in their 70s reporting the same problem. While severe erectile dysfunction is still treatable by using generic sildenafil, men in this category will probably need more intensive medical treatment than those that simply suffer from the occasional inability to become aroused and perform sexually on cue.

Many of the men who attribute their erectile dysfunction to age are actually suffering from age-related diseases that can be cured or controlled. These diseases generally have something to do with the blood vessels, and can include maladies like diabetes. Half of men with diabetes report some form of erectile dysfunction, along with a host of other health problems. High blood pressure is another condition common to growing older that can affect a man’s ability to perform sexually, but it has so many other unhealthy effects on the body that it should be addressed irrespective of whether treatment with sildenafil will allow normal sexual performance.

As we age, the incidence of maladies and conditions that affect the nervous system increases as well, and these can also be the underlying cause of occasional erectile dysfunction. Conditions like Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis can cause erectile dysfunction as an early marker of the disease, so it’s always good to talk to your doctor about any problems you may have to rule out more serious conditions.