Dealing With Erectile Dysfunction as a Young Man

Pair ProblemWhen people discuss erectile dysfunction (more info), they often picture an older man trying to regain the sexual abilities he had when he was younger. Around half of all men encounter some form of erectile dysfunction between the ages of 40 and 70, which is why such drugs as sildenafil, the active ingredient in both Viagra and generic Viagra, has been so popular since its introduction. Most incidences of erectile dysfunction manifest themselves as a temporary inability to get and hold an erection that can be explained by nervousness, fear of intimacy, or some kind of performance anxiety that soon passes. If you’re a man under the age of 40 and are trying to deal with the effects of erectile dysfunction, it can be even more embarrassing than when you are older and such problems are more common.

In younger men, erectile dysfunction turns out to be quite common, with up to 25 percent reporting some form of the problem, but the underlying reasons for the inability to perform sexually are somewhat different than for older men. Younger men usually have higher levels of testosterone and are generally healthier than most older men, but they are much more likely to be smokers or to be users of illicit drugs, both of which can have serious effects on sexual health.

Erectile dysfunction in young men used to be blamed almost entirely on psychological factors, since it was assumed that they would be physically healthier than older subjects; but doctors now suspect that a combination of risk factors is at the root of young men’s inability to perform sexually. As a percentage of the total, severe erectile dysfunction among young men occurs at a higher rate than older men.

Doctors often prescribe a round of erectile dysfunction drugs like sildenafil for a period of a month to see if the problem resolves itself. In over half the cases, nothing further is necessary as whatever anxieties or other problems work themselves out. In about 40 percent of cases, Viagra or generic Viagra is not enough to restore normal sexual function and deeper, psychological counseling is often recommended.

Of course if a very young patient has never been able to have normal sexual relations, there is very likely a physical problem that might need more serious treatments, but without a strong indication of an underlying health problem, doctors are more likely to treat patients to overcome some sort of performance anxiety that is making sex uncomfortable or impossible for the patient.

Very young men can still harbor a great deal of guilt or anxiety about sexual relations that older men no longer feel, and find themselves unable to bond closely with their partner in order to have a fulfilling relationship. Doctors recommend that young men suffering from erectile dysfunction seek help sooner rather than later because even though a young man’s body is much more likely to be able to restore itself to the physical ability to get and maintain an erection than an older patient, younger patients can become much more anxious about their problems and have an even harder time dealing with the fallout of erectile dysfunction.