Few facts about Men’s Sexual Health

Few terminologies and facts pertaining Men’s sexual health:

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, better known as ED, is the repetitive failure to get or keep an erection hard enough for sexual intercourse or other sexual activities. ED can have psychological causes (such as anxiety, depression and stress) and physical causes (such as circulatory problems reducing blood flow to the genital region).

Over a span of three months – about 37% of guys lost minimum one erection when putting on a condom, or amidst sexual act using a condom. There are probably a few causes for this. It may be the anxiety of applying a condom on during the sexual excitement, especially with a new mate. And some men are more excited by touch. So, as a hindrance, a condom may not provide sufficient sensation.

Erection can be made to last for a longer period of time by taking Viagra orally. Viagra contains slidenafil citrate which is a drug used to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension and erectile dysfunction.

Low libido

Low desire or low libido is frequently related to low testosterone levels, also called Low T. Signs of low T are weight gain, loss of energy, a decrease in sex drive, moodiness, trouble sleeping and erectile dysfunction.

Genital and prostate health

Understanding and sustaining a healthy penis, prostate and testicles is a vital part of a man’s overall happiness and health. As we age, our bodies go through transformations to our sex drive, sexual function and energy. Sexual health experts, primary care physicians and urologists answer your queries about erectile dysfunction, sperm production, prostate health and other medical conditions that, when found and treated, can greatly lead to happy and healthy sex life.

Masturbation and orgasm

The act of touching oneself for sexual pleasure is called masturbation, or as according to Woody Allen ‘It’s sex with someone I love.” It frequently gives rise to orgasm which is the potent, pleasurable release of sexual tension and arousal. Even though masturbation is a normal, health behavior, yet everyone has queries and concerns.

Sexual health problems in Men

viagra-dispenserBSome important facts about Men’s sexual health:

• Aging: Normal physical changes in men and women happen with age. Aging impacts the male reproductive system. Some generic sexual and urological problems may occur as men age.
• Diabetes: It can impact a man’s sex life, giving rise to problems such as erectile dysfunction, anxiety and depression.
• Cancer Treatment: The effects that cancer treatment can have on men and their sex lives are well-known. There are multiple options that men and their mates can adopt to reclaim fertility and enjoyment.
• ED: There are many publications which describe causes, diagnosis, and treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED), as well as ED research underway. Penile implants are used to treat erection problems. There are different methods of penis enlargement. However, there are also risks associated with them. Viagra which contains Slidenafil citrate can be used to prolong the erection. You can either buy generic Viagra or a branded Viagra.
• Male Menopause: Also called male menopause, aging-related hormone changes are lot different in men than in women.
• Self-examination: Testicular self-examination is very important. If the testicles do not have normal look and feel, you should consult your doctor.
• Testosterone: Typically, a test for total testosterone is used for diagnosis. The total testosterone test measures testosterone that is bound to proteins in the blood as well as testosterone that is not bound.

How Overweight impacts sexual life

What men generally wish for when it comes to sexual health is a passionate libido and a similarly enthusiastic erection. Sadly, factors such as antidepressant usage and aging, among others, can ruin your plans for an intimate evening.

Effects of being overweight

Also, being overweight can have an impact on your sexual urge or libido and it may lead to erectile dysfunction (ED).Your body image is one of the contributing factors. In a recent study, it was found that around 30% of very overweight people desperately wanting to lose weight said they had problem with desire, performance, sex drive or all three. Generic Viagra can be used to treat erectile dysfunction. It contains slidenafil citrate and is taken orally.

As we put on weight and age, there are more chances of diabetes which is also a contributing factor to ED. So it’s a good idea to consult doctor and have your blood sugar examined. In the long run, diabetes can destroy those tiny blood vessels, including the ones that carry blood to the penis.

Healthy Diet

One thing you can select to triumph over is a poor diet. Healthy and low fat food not only influences how you look in your underwear, but also holds sway over what’s inside them. Also, have natural food with lots of vitamins. It is always better to have vitamins from food than from supplements.

Medicines to keep mens’ sexual health well

Sildenafil is the generic name of the medicine used for arousal of the mating organ in the male. It proves as a treatment to erectile dysfunction. The full name is sildenafil citrate. Millions of patients facing erectile dysfunction have used this drug probably infinite number of times to have a healthy mixing with females. The function starts by loosening the path of the blood vessels leading to the male reproductive organ so that there is increased blood flow in that organ. This results in much better erection of the male organ. The increased blood flow is sufficient to cause erection and that too for a sufficient prolonged period of time in which the male concerned can enjoy intimate relation with the spouse or partner. Sidenafil is available generally as a suspension and also as a pill. Sidenafil is mostly consumed three times a day and it might be with some food or without any food as well. Also, the consumption should be separated by a time period of about six hours. The doctor will generally start with average dosage and would in most cases increase or decrease the suggested medication depending upon the response generated. It ensures well being of men’s sexual health.

The generic form

Generic Viagra is the generic form of Sildenafil to cause much better sexual arousal. It is meant to enhance the blood flow in the erectile tissues. All the dosage and ingredients in Generic Viagra are the same as the brand variable of the Viagra and the efficacy is also same like that of the branded version. Generic Viagra works effectively in all males irrespective of how long back did they have erection or their age and their condition at present. Generally the drug takes some 20 to 60 minutes to enter the blood stream of the user before it begins activity. It is of no concern if someone’s physician prescribes generic Viagra. The efficacy will be similar. The result will ensure well being of men’s sexual health.

The purchase

It is absolutely convenient to buy Viagra from the nearest medicine shop. It is distributed to almost every single chemist store of repute. The buyer would not face any hazard to procure this drug. It is however better to have a prescription. There are three different strengths in which the drug is available and it is mostly in the form of a pill. It is also available online but there is one word of caution. The patient concerned should be careful while procuring Viagra over the internet as at that instant he is doing so without exhibiting any prescription and hence he should be doubly sure about the dosage and strength. It cares for men’s sexual health.

The consumer would not have to deal with any undue situation once he wants to buy sildenafil. Generally, sildenafil, better known as sildenafil citrate, is a generic name and the medicine is mostly available as a brand. Sidenafil is available generally as a suspension and also as a pill. Sidenafil is mostly consumed three times a day and it might be with some food or without any food as well. Also, the consumption should be separated by a time period of about six hours.

The aberration

Erectile dysfunction is the inability in men to have the reproductive organ aroused during physical intimacy. This results from absolutely low blood rush in his reproductive organ. This is an aberration in men’s sexual health. This is taken care of by using silednafil in generic form or in brand form Viagra.

Treatment of Sexual Problems In Men

In this article, we will discuss the type of Sexual problems in Men. They are:

• Premature ejaculation: It has several possible causes, including Emotional issues like guilt or anxiety, Low levels of certain brain chemicals, Being very aroused or stimulated, Infection of the prostate or urethra
• Erectile Dysfunction. ED can be very frustrating. It can impact self-esteem and lead to frustration, sadness and anger. Causes of ED are Clogged blood vessels, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, Nerve damage from diabetes, Certain medications including those used to treat high blood pressure or depression, Low testosterone, Unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking too much alcohol, overeating, and not exercising, Emotional factors, such as stress or depression. Men can buy Viagra which contains Slidenafil citrate so that erection can last for a longer time. Viagra can be bought online.
• Loss of sexual interest. Decreased interest in sex can have a wide range of causes, including A health problem, Certain medications, Reduced levels of male hormones, Emotional or relationship problems
• Low testosterone: Testosterone is the most important male hormone. It helps maintain sexual urge, pubic and body hair, muscle, bone and sperm production. Signs of low testosterone in adult guys can include Less interest in sex, Erection problems, Increased breast size, Hot flashes, Problems with memory and concentration, Mood problems like depression and irritability, Smaller and softer testicles, Weakened bones and Loss of muscle strength